Hydrotec Overseas Ltd has been honoured to work on numerous overseas projects from airports to governmental organisations and high end hotels. By applying the same UK principles and high standards to overseas projects, Hydrotec Overseas Ltd has the ability to design and provide effective water treatment solutions tailored for each project. Assisting consultants, contractors and distributors through from early design stages to procurement, including aftersales support has been mastered through many years of experience, strong relationships and partnerships across many regions.


Hydrotec Overseas Ltd is pleased to announce the release of the HydroHOS range of copper/silver ionisation systems, these offer effective prevention and control of bacteria in water distribution systems.

Please contact us to discuss the use of copper/silver as a method of bacterial control and how this technology can be implemented in to your design.



  • Up to 8” Connection Sizes      
  • Up to 32kg Treatment Capacity      
  • A Minimum 90%/10% Cu/Ag Composition  

Compliance and Approvals      

  • US Environmental Protection Agency     
  • EU Biocidal Products and Chemicals  Regulations     
  • WRAS/BS 6920 (Applies to Wetted Components)     
  • Extra-low Voltage (ELV) Limit Values Standards 






We are proud to announce that we will be working with Honeywell to supply their WRAS approved range of automatic backwashing filter to complement our existing range of water treatment and other filtration systems such as side stream filtration, carbon filtration and reverse osmosis system.

We will be offering their flanged and threaded filter systems with a selection of 20, 50, 100, 200 and 300 micron sized filter elements, with the option to include a differential pressure switch to activate the backwash filter instead of the standard timer mechanism.


Honeywell is a household name and a company that is synonymous for quality in the building services industry so we are proud to be able to complement our own high quality water treatment technologies with their equally high quality products, if you have any questions or require further information please feel free to contact us.


Meeting our customers specific requirements

Using the expertise of our team at our own purpose built production facility in Germany we can meet any specific design requirements you may have for packaged water treatment system, this has been requested more frequently as of late with an large increase in the number of fully skid mounted water treatment systems being required. Please contact us to discuss any specific system requirements you may have.


Expanding our product portfolio

This recent development with Honeywell has allowed us refocus our efforts and resources from the construction of our backwash filter systems to expanding the additional services, systems and technologies we can offer, these have recently included:

  • Side Stream Filtration System
  • Electrodeionization (EDI)
  • Hydrodynamic Cavbitation Treatment Systems
  • Further development of the controls for both our HydroION range and HydroMAG T range
  • Obtaining WRAS approval for even more of our offered equipment
  • Closed circuit system chemical doing and filtration systems

HydroMAGs for HHR Stations in KSA:

Hydrotec has recently supplied HydroMAG Electromagnetic water conditioners to Al-Madinah Station in The Kindom of Saudi Arabia as part of the Haramain High Speed Railway Project. The units supplied include a HydroMAG DN100 unit, the largest Hydrotec manufactures, capable of treating water in excess of 30Litres/sec.

The World’s First Sustainable Downtown Regeneration Project:

Hydrotec Overseas Ltd secured the supply, installation supervision and commissioning contract for the water treatment package for the Msheireb Properties Downtown Doha Regeneration project in Qatar. This the world’s first sustainable downtown regeneration project. The water treatment systems Hydrotec Oversea Ltd supplied include a range of Filtration, Scale prevention and Biological water disinfection units.


HydroDOS HD550G WRAS Approval

We are very happy to announce that Hydrotec’s HydroDOS HD550G chlorine dioxide generator is now the UK’s first WRAS approved system of its kind after successfully demonstrating full regulatory compliance to the Water Regulation Advisory Scheme.
The system incorporates reaction chamber, high quality dosing pumps, chlorine dioxide residual monitoring and intelligent controls, chemical containment bunds in a lockable, tamper proof enclosure, all now fully approved for use in the treatment of drinking water.
Different countries have different requirements and hence different regulations. We are constantly working with our overseas partners to tailor our equipment to meet the requirements set by different authorities to ensure that our systems are safe, efficient and comply with the required standards.